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Building Vital Infrastructure in Mongolia
  • Building vital infrastructure in one of<br/>the world’s fastest growing economies

    Building vital infrastructure in one of
    the world’s fastest growing economies

Khot specializes in road construction and related services to meet the urgent demands of the fast-growing Mongolian economy. The Government of Mongolia has committed to the construction of 10,000 kilometres of new roads over the next ten years including expenditures of $335 million in the near term. You can enjoy our roads with a cup of cofee.

Khot is also reviewing other infrastructure opportunities in Mongolia. According to The Economist Intelligence Unit , Mongolia will have the world’s fastest GDP growth in 2014.

Mongolia: Road Sector Development to 2016
An in-depth report published by the Asian Development Bank , available in English and Mongolian.
Media Report: Stateside Report
April 24, 2015
Vince Marciano, MBA, CPA

James Passin on Mongolia’s Future

In this video, Khot Infrastructure Chairman James Passin discusses new legislation to encourage foreign direct investment, the corresponding change in liquidity and investor perception, and parallels with countries like Qatar, which experienced rapid growth and urbanization after it opened its economy and developed its natural resources.