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Building Vital Infrastructure in Mongolia


Opportunities and Progress
Road construction is one of the fastest growing industries in Mongolia.
Of the current 49,294 kilometres of roads in Mongolia, less than 25% are paved. To improve its infrastructure, the government intends to build over 10,000 kilometres of new paved roads over the next ten years. To do so, it passed a new law to mandate paved roads between Ulaanbaatar and each of the country’s 21 province centers by 2016. In addition, the government allocated US$335 million to road building projects in the near term.
Modern roads and other transportation infrastructure are essential to the growth of Mongolia’s economy. A large, sparsely-populated country, Mongolia possesses world-class resource assets about to be developed. Whether it becomes one of the world’s wealthiest economies in the coming years will depend on a massive investment in the nation’s infrastructure.
Proposed New Roads and Rail

Recent Khot Projects
Darkhan Province
Khot recently demonstrated its capabilities to the Mongolia Ministry of Road and Transportation with a six-kilometer road repair contract. In October 2014 a Khot crew repaired a section of road near Khongor Sum, strategically situated on the north-south road that connects Russia, China, and all the major cities in Mongolia.
This contract marks an important initial milestone for Khot as it commences operations in the road building and infrastructure sector. Now completed with projected revenue of approximately USD $1.16 million (USD$698,000 received so far), this valuable first step allows Khot to gear up for the much larger opportunities in this burgeoning sector.

Map of road covered by repair contract in Khongor Sum